Lead Times, Everyone's Favorite Topic

Does the thought of discussing lead times with your clients and your suppliers fill you with just a little bit of anxiety? It’s not surprising, honestly, especially right now when even Amazon seems to be having a hard time keeping up with their delivery times. 

Thankfully, the conversations about lead times are happy moments when specifying a rug with us. 

First of all, we have a wide selection of stocked rugs that are ready to ship from Toronto immediately — yes, I said in stock and ready to ship!

Our custom colorways can be shipped to you in under 12 weeks. This means in just a few weeks you can have a custom rug delivered to your studio, your warehouse or your client’s home.

It is important to keep in mind that each custom rug will potentially have different lead times based on size. For example, if you need a 12” x 15” rug or a custom size, this process has a longer lead time. Why? Well, with this new sizing, we also need to remap the entire design to ensure it fits beautifully on the rug. If you are going to modify the size of a rug, sticking with our custom or stock options is going to ensure your lead time is shorter. 

We will say, if you are working with a very fine design — especially when you are working with 100% natural silk, for example — lead times can run longer. The reason for this is you’re likely working with more intricate construction details, and it just generally takes more time to complete this incredibly intricate work.

The good news is that we will always give you a lead time window at the time of ordering and we do check-ins throughout the whole process. We send in-progress photos so you can share them with your clients.

Above anything else, we believe that knowledge is power — we will not leave you in a lurch. If there is a delay on your rug for any reason, we will let you know as soon as humanly possible and work to find the quickest solution available.

We believe in elevating and exceeding your expectations and we take that ethos with us in everything we do — including getting your finished rug to you as quickly as possible.

Did you know Color Strip Samples are now available? It's our way of helping you with color accuracy from within the comfort of your design studio.

Lead Times with Meredith Heron Collection