Custom Rugs Can Make A Huge Difference

Do you know when you find that pair of jeans or a dress that is just almost perfect? Like, everything about it is so right but maybe it needs a hem or the sleeve needs to be shortened. And you know, you just know, that with that one small tweak, this piece will be a staple in your wardrobe. 

For me it’s always pants—I need them taken up by a tailor no matter what. But because of this, I have conditioned myself. I no longer have an issue with buying something that doesn’t fit “perfectly” because I know with a few stitches and a bit of ingenuity, my tailor can bring out the true potential of any piece.

To put it simply, I like to modify things. And the same is true in the interior design world. I would routinely ask a supplier, “I see this sofa comes in 83” length but I need it to be 84”... is that possible?” Having the ability to make these small changes—that can make a huge difference to your clients—is what every designer dreams of.

And our Modified Custom Rug Program is designed in such a way that we are happy to be able to cater to that. Our program allows you change the details on any of our rug designs.

If you want to change the colors and even have us work with you to color-match a rug to an existing color story, it is simple for us to do. Using our Color Strip Samples, we can easily show you what it would look like to add or remove colors. And we can even change the fibres — if you need to swap wool for silk or viscose, we can do it. If you want us to create our rugs for the outdoors, we can do that, too!

You can come to us with your wish list — from colors, fibres, functional needs, and more — and we can change the rug construction to suit your specific needs. We can make you a one-of-a-kind rug for your client that will meet all of things on your wish list and theirs.

The Custom Process

You’ve probably noticed in your own business, when you create a process it makes expectations much clearer, everyone knows what they are responsible for, and everything just seems to go much smoother. 

We’ve done just that with our modified program as well as our bespoke program. We have a simple, easy-to-follow process. We start with a small deposit—this allows us to get the ball rolling and start working on your custom rug design. And when you go into full production of your rug you are credited some of those fees back to you.

It usually takes about six weeks for the sampling and color strip process from the time you’ve approved it. This time gives us a generous cushion to ensure that nothing—not even the blocking of the Suez canal will result in your rug’s late arrival.

Bonus Tip

I want to share a story with you about modifying a rug for a client and just how much of a difference a few small tweaks can make to a rug.

We modified one of our rugs for a client and I liked it so much that I used the same rug in the same house, twice! We used one in the large solarium—we created the rug using taupes and charcoals with some navy blue to tie the space together. Then, because we loved it so much, we used the same design upstairs in a gallery. We did it in wool and silk with a completely different color palette—tourmaline, gold, and brass.

And honestly, you would never even know that these were the same rug design. When you see them, you might assume they are related. Maybe they are distant cousins, but they certainly don’t look like siblings! 

This is one of my favorite tips, especially if you are doing a large home and you need your rugs to go the distance. So instead of designing 15+ rugs, happily reuse designs but make them different. At The Meredith Heron Collection, we can add a border, we can add fringe, we can add wool or viscose or silk. Whatever it takes! There are so many ways to customize a rug and make it perfect for you and your clients. 

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Custom Rugs Can Make A Huge Difference