Construction Of Our Designer Rugs | Meredith Heron Collection

I’m incredibly proud of this collection for more than just the design and quality we’re bringing to you. What makes me happy is that these rugs are the first of their kind that are available. 

We wanted a product that we could be proud of in every aspect. It had to tick off all the boxes that were vital to me as a designer and as a consumer. I’m proud to tell you that we are the manufacturer for the Meredith Heron Rug Collection. 

Being the manufacturer enables us more control and surrounding ourselves with expert craftspeople that want to elevate their own craft created an environment that allowed our collective genius to skyrocket. Together, we came up with solutions to express the different elements that make this collection truly unique. We own the looms, the yarns, the maps and the colour formulas. We made these investments because we want to be able to offer you a sustainable product that we can get into your hands in a timely way. Our yarns are pre – dyed, which means a reduced production time for our custom colourways or made to order special requests.  

Hand-made means made by hand and in our case hand-knotted.  Hand-tufted and hand-loomed are not the same nor are they equivalent in quality. Every rug within the Meredith Heron Rug Collection is hand-made. It’s a weaver at a loom following a map to our precise specifications. 

New Zealand Wool is the best wool for our North American climate. It contains a higher Lanolin content which reduces breakage and repels liquids more easily. 

Weave and knots are different. When you see the term 'weave', think of it as density and think of knots as a style of weave. 5/32, 9/25, 10/34 are weaves for our loop & cut pile rugs and we’ve used Persian knots and Indo Tibetan knots throughout this collection.  

There is also a difference between Mill Spun and Hand Spun. Mill Spun yarn is spun by machine. The yarn comes out perfectly even and the dye lot is uniform - Uniform colour, uniform finish.  

Hand spinning produces a grainer finish and the colour is uneven. Depending on the desired effect one is after, this method of spinning is an excellent way to play with the fibre. We have 100% Hand Spun or Mill Spun New Zealand Wool and 100% Bamboo derived Mill Spun Viscose through this collection.