Custom Rugs vs. Bespoke Rugs: What’s The Difference?

We often have clients looking for rugs who aren’t exactly sure what kind of rug they are looking for. From bespoke to custom, hand-knotted to handmade, there is a lot of terminology that gets used that can leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed.

And it doesn't help that a lot of these terms are used differently by different brands, companies, and professionals.

So here at Meredith Heron Collection, we wanted to clear the air and take the time to explain exactly what we mean when we refer to our custom rugs versus our bespoke rugs. At MHC, these terms have very distinct definitions that may not be the same as what other brands use. But over the years, we’ve found the distinction between the two helps our clients get exactly what they are looking for—every time.

Custom Rugs

When we refer to a custom rug, we are referring to the rugs we have created in specific colorways for each style. All of our custom rugs live on our website and it is as simple as browsing, clicking, and buying to have one of these rugs in your own home or your client’s home. There is no additional design work needed because you have already found the perfect rug for your space.

We use the term “custom” to describe these rugs because all of our rugs are designed in-house with custom colorways and unique fibre blends that make them exclusive to MHC. 

Bespoke Rugs

If you are browsing rugs and you land on a design that speaks to you, but maybe the colorway isn’t what you’ve envisioned or you were hoping to use different fibres, then you need a bespoke rug.

You can start with any of our current designs and create a completely bespoke rug by choosing all new colors and fibres. It’s not a completely new concept—you are working with one of our custom rugs but personalizing it through your choice of colors, fibres or size. We work with you to find the perfect colorway, fibre combination and size to match your—or your client’s—needs.

With a wide selection of colors and fibres to choose from, you will walk away with a bespoke rug that is tailored to your specific needs and wants.

However, this is not where our bespoke rug services end. We also work with our clients to create a bespoke rug in a design style of your choice. If you have an idea of what you would like in terms of your rug design, we are happy to bring that idea to life. This is a completely bespoke service—from idea, constructions considerations to production, we work with you to create a one-of-a-kind rug.

With so many amazing options that seamlessly blend our signature styles—livable luxury and modern maximalist —Meredith Heron Collection is equipped to create a rug that elevates and exceeds your expectations. 

We believe that collaboration unties and strengthens the creative process and can’t wait to work with you on your next custom or bespoke rug.

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