Below some common issues you may notice soon after your Rug is installed. Most of the following situations are perfectly normal and can be dealt with simply and directly. If you should have any questions or concerns please contact us.


Your Rug will function best atop a PVC or rubber rug pad, that will prevent it from bunching or slipping. Rug pads also extend the life of the Rug by promoting air circulation beneath the rug. These types of rug pads can be found online or at your local hardware store.


Balls of fluff you may find on the surface of your Rug or in your vacuum cleaner don't mean that your Rug is disintegrating. Most Rugs retain some loose fibres after they are made. These fibres make their way to the surface and may take a while to work themselves out completely. How long this takes depends on the particular fibre construction of your Rug and level of traffic. Before long you'll find that the problem has vanished.


Your Rug may "sprout" a loose knot that seems to grow above the surface. If this happens, simply snip the offending end even with the surface. Do not yank out long or loose ends! That can damage the Rug permanently.


You may notice some colour variations in different areas of your Rug or one area may appear to change colour when viewed from different angles. Your Rug is not changing colour, it's just part of the natural beauty of plush Rug where light reflects unevenly as the pile moves in different directions. Foot traffic generally causes this, and the best solution is to vacuum the pile in a uniform direction.


If your Rug is rippling, this situation usually resolves itself, as the Rug settles into its new home.


These are marks which appear two or three feet across the width of the Rug or 18" from the wall. Don't be alarmed! The Rug is not damaged. These are called pressure bands (or pressure marks) and they will work themselves out in time by vacuuming.


Unless you plan to live without furniture, your Rug will display crushing in spots where heavy objects such as sofas and shelving units are located. To raise the pile back to its former proud height, you'll have to do some light brushing.


This is not typical as our quality control catches these prior to shipping. However, if a single knot does become snagged or worked loose, just cut it off and let the surrounding yarn fill in the space. If you're not satisfied, call us and we'll handle this problem for you.


Your new Rug can be a fine friend for a long time. It will bring you compliments on your good taste, compliment your home decor and keep your feet from freezing on bare frosty winter floors.

You have to do your part to keep this relationship beautiful or you might find it fading along with the colour, quality and life of your Rug. You came to us because you wanted quality, so we know you'll want to make it last.

Here's how…


Regular vacuuming is the key to keeping your new Rug young, fresh and beautiful. Dirt and grit can accumulate in your Rug and become embedded in the pile where they will affect your Rug's colour and cause matting of the pile.

You'll want to vacuum heavy-traffic areas daily, if possible, and less heavily used areas can be maintained with once-a-week vacuuming.

For best results only use a vacuum cleaner with a flat stainless steel nozzle that doesn't have a lot of bristles. A beater bar or attachments with teeth or ridges is not recommended.

It is a good idea to use your vacuum in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Make sure you've adjusted the attachments to the proper heights for your Rug.

Vacuuming should be done slowly - about three passes over the area for a light cleaning and seven passes where there's more soil. And remember, when you're vacuuming, you're adding life to your Rug.


Redistributing the load your Rug bears can do it a world of good and lengthen its life, thereby helping to protect your investment. A room-sized Rug can simply be turned around.


There are two reasons your Rug may fade. One is due to the effects of direct sunlight and can be lessened with the use of curtains, drapes or shades. Airborne particles, dirt, soot and rust can also settle into your Rug unnoticed and cause fading over time. Regular vacuuming will help prevent fading. If you notice fading, a thorough cleaning is called for. Please do not delay, as the problem will worsen over time.


Let's face it, regardless of how often you vacuum, eventually you're going to see the need for a thorough heavy duty cleaning of your Rug. Which commercially available do-it-yourself Rug cleaning products and methods should you choose? Should you employ the services of a professional Rug cleaning service? The answer varies so we've listed a few cleaning methods for every day spills and added a few do's and don’ts.


  1. Before you try commercially available do-it-yourself methods. You must know the Rug type and fibre construction before cleaning. Read any commercial cleaning products carefully before applying.
  2. Before applying any chemical product to your Rug, it is always a good idea to test the solution on a small inconspicuous area. If the solution does stain the Rug, it will remain unnoticed.


  1. Do not use alkaline soaps.
  2. Do not use ammonia.
  3. Do not use cleaning fluids meant to be used on wood, tile or hard surfaces as these will damage your Rug.


Be assured you have received the finest professional advice in the Rug industry. You have purchased a Rug that we believe to be well designed, carefully manufactured and representative of the best value available.

For one year from the date of purchase, we are prepared to fix any manufacturing flaws or defects in your new Rug, free of charge. We will provide you with a kit upon request to return the Rug safely to us, or if available ship to your closest depot. Anytime after that one year period we will make any necessary repairs for a nominal service charge, plus shipping costs. We have described the limitations, as well as the advantages, of your Rug. Please remember only superb maintenance will keep a white or yellow Rug from soiling. Floppy, casual Rugs will crush and show traffic patterns. Some Rugs have heavy initial fuzz. Fine velvets, viscose or plushes will show footprints or shading.

You have purchased your Rug from a company with an important reputation to preserve. Be assured that you have had expert professional help at each step and you have the assurance that we stand behind every product we sell.

We have endeavoured to make the carpet buying experience as transparent as possible, so that you know what you are purchasing and by whom it is made. All our rugs are hand-made by families who have been making rugs for generations.