Color Strip Samples

We're excited to introduce Color Strip Samples to you! Imagine Color Strip Samples as the rug equivalent of the much-loved paint strip.

Here's a little background on why we have introduced them.

Did you know that I got my start in a paint store mixing paint colors? It’s true! My 20+ year career as a designer started in a paint store where I would spend my days mixing up paint to be used in people’s homes. 

And I must say, I truly believe that job sparked my love of all things design.

Still to this day, I love to make paint—there is something amazing about mixing seemingly unrelated colors to create an amazing final product. Along with this comes my love of paint strip samples. Honestly, you can find them at the bottom of most of the purses I have—I just can’t give them up! 

If you’ve used a paint strip of any kind, you will know that the color that you think you’re getting can read very differently once you get it into the space. And that is why you test it out, put samples up on the wall, ceilings, even cabinetry, to get a better idea of how that color will look in a specific room.

We’ve found a way to do this same thing for rugs.

We know how important it is for designers to be able to show their clients samples when they are in the decision-making process. 

Many of you will be familiar with the typical rug sample - you get an 18” x 18” square that is a sampling of the design and it usually has some if not all of the colors. Sometimes the rug sample is exactly what you want it to be, but at times can be difficult to understand how these colors relate to each other because it is only a screengrab of the overall design. Another scenario is when the colors work well yet the pattern confuses things, so then you're suggesting to look at the colors and not the style - we've all been there too.

And that is why we created Color Strip Samplesto help you showcase rug colors exclusively. Imagine Color Strip Samples as the rug equivalent of the much-loved paint strip.

So, what is a Color Strip? An MHC Color Strip sample features each of the colors that will be found in a rug, side-by-side, in 2-3’ wide strips so you can see how the colors relate to each other without adding the additional layer of pattern into the mix.

We believe that these are vital to your design business — they let you easily present color accuracy to your clients. 

Growing your sample library is an important part of the design business. We are happy to offer you the ability to order Color Strip Samples for any of our rug designs so that you have your very own samples for your studio sample library. 

Ordering a Color Strip Sample is easy. Each Color Strip Sample is $250 US and every rug has an option for a Color Strip Sample. Simply add the Color Strip Sample to your shopping cart and proceed to the checkout. Each Color Strip Sample is made to order and takes up to 4 weeks from time of purchase to delivery. We will notify you when they are ready for shipping to your office.

Our Toronto studio is open for appointments if you wish to see Color Strip Samples or Rug Samples in person - simply reach out to us directly to make an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!

Color Strip Samples


Color Strip Samples