The Easy Yes Rug Every Designer Needs

In this day and age, getting a yes from clients can be a struggle. There are so many options for every single little finish, every piece of furniture, every paint color that it’s no wonder people often have a hard time committing.

So when you can get a yes—and it comes relatively easy—that’s something worth holding onto. 

That’s what we call an easy yes. Every designer has them. Maybe it’s the color of white paint you always suggest to clients. Or a favorite light fixture that you use on repeat. Or maybe it’s cabinetry hardware that you use time and time again. 

An easy yes is a classic, timeless piece that just works. You can have two completely different kitchens, for example, but your easy yes white paint always works. The joy of the easy yes is that you can change other elements in the space to give a different feel, and the easy yes pieces will still work. 

Designers take these favorites, pack them in their toolkit, and they’re ready to go!

At Meredith Heron Collection, the easy yes is our Naoshima rug. It is inspired by Japanese motifs from a trip I was lucky enough to take to Japan.

The movement in this rug is so subtle and that is what I love about it. For some people, they see clouds while others have told me they think of water when looking at the Naoshima rug. Whatever you see, whatever inspiration you take from it, you and your clients are going to love how it looks—in any room.

Every time I show this rug to a client, I get a yes. And I’ve heard the same from our trades—people just say yes to Naoshima. And as a designer, when you can add an easy yes to your arsenal, why wouldn’t you?!

I’ve personally used this rug in 5 different projects and only once was that in the stocked colorway Mineral. Every other time, I’ve used a custom colorway (there are four to choose from) or I have modified it to suit the space and the clients.

We’ve just started a project where we are modifying the Naoshima rug for a client. We’re doing a live edge to amplify that movement, make it seem as though the clouds are bursting out of the rug, and—most importantly—to fit the rug into a very unusual space. 

When we first started this project, I knew Naoshima was the perfect rug and our clients were quick to say yes.

It’s well-priced, it’s a 925 construction, and we can work with you to create a custom or bespoke version that is perfectly suited to your needs. 

Our Naoshima rug should be added to your tool kit — as soon as possible! This is your easy yes rug and I can’t wait for you to wow your clients with the rug of their dreams on the very first try!

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