Rug Samples with Meredith Heron Collection

When we created Meredith Heron Collection, one of the things we put a lot of thought into was how we would present rug samples. It might seem like something that doesn’t need a lot of thought—after all, designers need to be able to see and feel rugs to properly present them to their clients.

And this is 100% true. But the costs that come with running a large-scale sampling program trickle down to you, the designer.

So when we started this business, we chose to not offer a huge sampling program to keep costs down for our amazing clients.

But that doesn’t mean we didn’t want to give you ways to experience Meredith Heron Collection rugs. We know how important it is! That’s why we decided to go a whole new route to give our designers a variety of options to choose from when it comes to getting to know our rugs.

That’s why we created our color strips—the most effective way for you to present color accuracy to your clients. If you aren’t aware of what they are, an MHC Color Strip sample features each of the colors that will be found in a rug, side-by-side, in 2-3’ wide strips so you can see how the colors relate to each other without adding the additional layer of pattern into the mix.

We also have several samples of each of our rugs that can be sent out via courier — just give us a call with your account information and we’ll arrange everything.

Or you are always welcome to come into the studio and see it in person. This is personally my favorite way for you to experience our rugs because you can see it with your own eyes, feel it with your own hands, and ask us any questions you may have right then and there.

We can also do a virtual viewing if needed. Although I prefer to give people the opportunity to see and feel the rugs in person, I do understand the limitations of distance, time, and our current realities. So in a pinch, a video call can be a wonderful way for you to see the rugs “in person”.

We’ve also gone a step further to help you visualize our rugs in your spaces and your clients’ spaces. We try not to rely on Pantone because, in our experience, everyone has a different Pantone deck and so color matching can become extremely difficult.

So we decided to work with Sherwin Williams paint chips—revolutionary, right?!

Many of our stocked rugs are already matched with the paint colors that correspond with the color strips so that you can look at a paint chip and know which colorways will work for your interior.

It boils down to this: you are a professional. You have the experience and knowledge to know how color will translate into a space. By working with the paint chips, you can truly see how a rug will work in a room.

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Rug Sampling with Meredith Heron Collection