Spring Refresh. Start With Our Homes.

So far, I am super unimpressed with 2022… hear me out, okay?!

I thought this was going to be our year, for sure. But no, it’s been a tough slough for these first few months and things haven’t gotten back to the normal we were all hoping for.

I think it’s about time we all had a refresh—we deserve it!

So let’s start with our homes.

Grab your sage and get ready to purge, because it is time!

I’ve started refreshing my own home because, as I said, it’s time. I put in a new rug in my living room and designed it to match my cat's fur. Sounds a bit silly, right? But I decided to practice what I preach and use design to make my home more functional for our needs. I just couldn’t keep looking at cat hair, so now I have a gorgeous rug that camouflages the fur between vacuums.

And this was the spark I needed—I’m looking at my dining chairs, the table… it’s all gotta go.

We all need a refresh… start with a rug, and everything else will follow, trust me!



After the last two years, what I have really learned is that if something isn’t serving you, you need to let it go. This is especially true for things that you use day in and day out. Take a look around your home and really consider what could use a little TLC. Do your seat cushions need a refill? Maybe your favorite chair is in desperate need of reupholstering. 

If you’re looking to start small, it can even be as simple as swapping out your pillows. What I like to do is clear my accessories out of whatever room I am working on and then put simpler items back in. 

For a real spring refresh, I always look at the plants I have around my spaces—both real and fake. Update them to reflect a more springtime vibe—I’m talking tropical plants, tulips, anything that screams “spring is here”. Especially living in the north, I’ll do anything to usher in spring and warmer weather. 

You can move things from one space to another as well. Never underestimate the impact it can have to swap the art in your living room with the art in your bedroom, for example. It’s like shopping in your own home which really should be filled with all your favorite things already!

Rugs are the perfect way to make a big impact with a small change. Even something as simple as adding a runner down your hallway, changing out the mat at your entryway, or adding a rug into a space that doesn’t already have a rug, rugs can really change the feel of a space. 

I actually have a rug in my kitchen—it may sound off the wall, but it is easy to clean, hides a myriad of things, and is so comfortable underfoot. And isn’t that what we are all looking for in our homes? More comfort and beautiful things that can make our lives that little bit better. 

Often when you make these small changes, you start to see other areas that are begging for an update. Don’t shy away from that! Remember, it’s been 2+ years of living mostly in our homes. You deserve to freshen up your space and make spring 2022 just a bit better!



Spring Refresh by Meredith Heron Collection