Benefits of Joining The Meredith Heron Collection Trade Program

There are many reasons to join a trade program — insider promos, trade pricing, exclusive offers. And when you become a member of the Meredith Heron Collection Trade Program, you get all those benefits. But our program offers so much more to help you build your design business.

As I mentioned, there are many reasons to join our program but we want to highlight some of our favorites. So let’s take a look at the top three reasons to join.

#1 — Exclusive Access

When you join the Meredith Heron Collection Trade Program, you gain access to our Exclusively To The Trade rug collections. These are rugs that no one else has access to as they aren’t available to the public — they are only available to our trade members. Like our Reflecting Pool and Tide Pool rugs. 

We also offer our members virtual walk-throughs of these collections so that you can get a closer look at each rug. We’ll explain, in detail, why you should be using them, how you could customize them, and how to incorporate them into any design project.

#2 — Concierge Service

We offer a concierge service for shipping to our trade members. Almost all of our rugs include shipping — rugs bigger than 12x15 have a small additional oversized shipping fee.

To make your job easier, our concierge service ensures that your rug is shipped directly to your receiver, your project, or whatever address works best for you. 

#3 — Collaboration

While there are many benefits of joining the Meredith Heron Collection Trade Program, the number one reason to use our program is collaboration! We believe that collaboration unites and strengthens the creative process and the industry — we are stronger together. 

This is a phrase that you’ve probably heard from me before because I truly believe it is the crux of the design industry. Our trade program brings together different levels of expertise, different disciplines, and different points of view with the end goal of making the best hand-knotted rugs for you and your clients. Given Meredith Heron Collection was born out of Meredith Heron Design, we understand the complexities of specifying the right product for clients.

We also work closely — and collaboratively — with our weavers. This means you will not only get to work with us and utilize all of our design expertise, but you can also tap into our weavers' knowledge. If you have any questions or if there are specific modifications that need to be made, we can do that collaboratively. 

Together, we can explore different ideas, different fibres, and have a one-of-a-kind creative experience that results in the most amazing rug that your clients will love.

We invite you to join us on this journey to elevate and exceed expectations. 

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