How To Mix And Match Rugs

Everybody loves an open floor plan—the space, the openness… What's not to love? But when it comes to decorating an open floor plan, you might start to notice that laying out your furniture gets a bit tricky.

Without walls to delineate spaces, you need to plan a furniture layout that does that for you. Or you can rely on rugs to function as your walls—this will not only add interest to your space, but it will also add comfort underfoot. 

But why stop there? Rugs are a welcome addition to any room in your home and there is no reason that you can’t create a cohesive look and feel from one room to the next using your rug choices.

I know that mixing and matching rugs can be very tricky for homeowners and designers alike. There are so many different elements to consider—from functionality, scale, proportion, and colorways, you need to put a lot of thought into your selections. And this only becomes more complicated when you’re dealing with an open floor plan. 

We believe that there are two general methods you can use when mixing and matching rugs. 

First, you can aim to have everything extremely matchy—from the texture to the colorway, you can have your rugs look like a matching set. Secondly, you can aim for something that feels a little more spontaneous, even though it is extremely calculating. At Meredith Heron Collection, we are big fans of the second option, because who doesn’t love a bit of spontaneity?  

My personal favorite is when you are walking through the main floor of a home and referencing colors from one room into other rooms and spaces. That’s what really unifies the main floor and makes it feel like there is thought and consideration behind the design. It creates a space that is thoughtful and intentional, and also dynamic and interesting. 

When we selected the colorways for our rugs, we took this into consideration—how they would look together on the main floor or even in the same room was part of our planning process. This dynamic spontaneity informs all of the colorways featured in the Meredith Heron Collection.  

We considered how our custom colorways interplay with our stocked colorways and how all of our rugs can be paired together. We created several, more specific, short videos for you on how to mix and match rugs over on Instagram. Be sure to pop over there and watch them all! Really, we have a wide selection of rugs that work well together—some extremely deliberate, others a little more subtle. 

It all comes down to your desired style and taste, but with our vast selection of rugs and intimate knowledge of interior design, you can be sure that we can find you the perfect rug pairings that help you reach your design goals.

Book a consultation today and we’ll work with you to find your perfect rug pairings. We’ll start by having you show us what you’re already loving and then we can offer you some options for other spaces to create a cohesive look that checks all of your boxes. 

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Mix and Match Rugs