Contemporary Home Decor and Rugs

The style “contemporary home decor" can confuse people. Some people think it’s modern, while others think it has modern qualities but isn’t modern.

What I like to remind people is that contemporary design is a current state of affairs—what is currently in fashion in both function and design? When you answer that, you’ve pinpointed what can be considered contemporary.

Sometimes contemporary can look a little traditional. Other times it can strike you as very modern. But it is defined by what is “of the moment” and that is why it can often seem so fluid. 

When it comes to rugs, what you place with them and how you place those objects is what will determine if a rug is contemporary.

Our Handsart Key rug is a traditional Greek key design and in the right space, it can look incredibly modern. Paired with very traditional furniture and millwork, it will look more modern. Conversely, if you pair it with very modern pieces, it can be this wonderful juxtaposition that seems modern but also harkens back to something more traditional.

Choosing A Contemporary Rug

There are a few things you need to consider when you are looking for a contemporary rug.

The first—and probably most important—is do you even like the design? Because finding the “perfect” contemporary rug means nothing unless you like the style and design.

Second, you need to consider what kind of furniture you have, what kind of fabrics you have, colors, and artwork—things that are already in the space. 

I have a very traditional style home—I live in a Victorian built in 1856, so I live in a very traditional envelope. But inside my home, I have very contemporary, modern furniture. Because of this, my rug choice can either lean towards the extremely traditional end of the spectrum or I can go very modern. Both still make sense and work from a design perspective—it all comes down to what you like. 

Depending on what accessories I use and how I place them throughout my home, I can achieve a very contemporary look. It looks like a modern family lives in our home. Nothing is too stuffy, and it is welcoming and stylish.  

When you find the right balance between styles, you can feel. It can be the difference between adding a few more modern elements or a few more traditional elements to find that balance and create a beautiful contemporary look. 

Meredith Heron Collection Rugs In Contemporary Spaces

As a designer, I would argue that all of our rugs can be used in a contemporary space however, there are certain rugs in our collection that stand out as easy choices for anyone looking for a contemporary rug. Here are 2 rugs you can use in any contemporary space.


This Japanese-inspired design with a wave-like pattern that adds beautiful movement to any space. The waves move the room and can help you change the way you envision your space. You can take a minimalistic design approach or lean towards a modern aesthetic when it comes to furniture and accessories.

Handsart Key

Another amazing contemporary rug is our Handsart Key rug. It features this wonderful Greek key pattern, but it is not done in a traditional design. Because it is not uniform, we often say that it is more of a broken key pattern. There is a lot of quiet space in the design which helps to move your eyes across the room. When it comes down to it, the design is just simple geometry but the way that the keys float on the rug keeps your eyes moving.

Creating A Space That Breathes Modern Classicism 

Everyone wants to invest in pieces for their home that will stand the test of time. Our rugs speak to that modern classism. The design and the inspiration for each piece in the collection harken back to different periods of design—you’ll find art deco, Chinoiserie, modern, and traditional styles.

Beyond that our rugs have contemporary elements that fit the needs of our customers that we’ve identified in our role as designers. For example, using a rug that has great movement to make the room feel bigger is a great way to pull contemporary design into a classic space.

I love to mix periods and design styles. In my home, it is a very maximalist look and it certainly is not for everyone but overall mixing different styles that resonate with you is a fundamental way to build a design plan. 

Because here is the thing, all design periods are linked. From Regency styles to art deco to what we now consider modern design—you can draw a straight line from one to the other. When you start to understand the providence of a design, a piece of furniture, or even a period, you can start to pull in more elements—like a rug—to create your dream home.

When you are trying to mix and match design styles, a rug is a perfect way to harmonize the space and add that extra bit of luxury to your home.

Create A Contemporary Home