Koi Lightning Rug

$4,388 USD

The Koi Lightning rug is an excellent way to ground your room. From afar, the pattern appears like stripes, but upon closer review, you will notice several Koi fish hidden in the stripes. Meredith's inspiration for this pattern came from her trip to Japan and Japanese watercolor paintings that are made by dragging the paint across a page. This rug is available in one stocked colorway and four custom colorways. It is hand-knotted on the Meredith Heron Collection looms in India and is suitable for medium & high-traffic areas. The majority of this rug is pure wool, with small accents of Viscose to make the stripes and Koi fish shimmer. Sizes vary by plus or minus 1" on 8'x10' rugs and 2" on 9'x12' and 10'x14' rugs. 

Materials: Mill-spun New Zealand Wool & Mill-spun Viscose, Cotton warp and weft
Weave: Indo Tibetan 
Density: 10/34

Stocked colours ship immediately. Custom colours ship in 10-12 weeks.