Family Room Rugs

When you are planning out your perfect family room, what do you think of first? What I hear most often from clients is comfort, durability, and a welcoming atmosphere. There are so many ways to achieve these things but it should come as no surprise to you that my suggestion is to start with a rug!

In the family room, you want a rug that is soft underfoot, forgiving of spills and messes and has a colorway that complements the rest of the space. 

When we are talking about comfort underfoot and durability, I love any kind of Persian knot for the family room.

Our Ludo Tile, Handsart Key, and North Star are all Persian knotted rugs and all three of these rugs are amazing for family rooms first and foremost because of this knot.

Persian knots are square knots that are super dense—we sometimes have to enlist three people to carry some of these rugs when they come in! These rugs are heavy because they have such a dense knot, but it is this density that gives you a rug that feels simply phenomenal underfoot.

Another bonus of the Persian knot is that it is amazing for pets. I’ve tested the Persian knots against a few cats and their claws are no match for these rugs! Because there isn’t much worse than finding and purchasing your dream rug just to have it ruined by your furry friends.

These three rugs are also made of 100% New Zealand wool. Why does that matter? It makes them easy to clean! So don’t stress about a bit of apple juice or an errant melted Smartie—all you need is a bit of Folex and you’ll be right as rain. 

Best of all, if our current colorways don’t match your needs, there are ways you can customize these rugs—think a darker color, perhaps, than what we have in our line. 

Although not a Persian knot and therefore not as dense, I do also love the Empress Mizu rug for a family room. The coloring and the way that we have dyed the wool itself are so great for family living. All those little pieces of lint and teeny tiny fibres we collect… you just don’t see them on Empress Mizu. They camouflage easily!

That for me is a wonderful family luxury because mess begets more mess and it can quickly go completely off the rails. So a rug that hides those little not-mess-messes is a great way to keep your home looking pristine—or tidy, at least!

If I had to choose my #1 pick for any family room, it would have to be Northstar.

Why do I love Northstar? 

It’s a modern geometric pattern—you can see a star and a fractional design in it. The color is transitional—it is a teal-blue-grey that plays nicely with everything. I love it, especially with deep mallard greens.  

We’re doing it in a family room right now and I am so excited because it will play together with all of these other hues and it will just be this wonderful water-inspired space. 

I find that in the family room — especially if you have rambunctious kids — blue tones are ideal because they soothe as opposed to excite!

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Family Rug Rugs from Meredith Heron Collection