3 Ways To Make Any Room More Luxe

It can be hard to pinpoint what makes a space, a room, or an entire home look more luxurious. That is why, for many of us, simply trying to design a luxurious space can be difficult. It’s not as simple as purchasing the most expensive furniture and accent pieces - it’s about knowing what elements work in what spaces and incorporating them with finesse.

That being said, there are certain things that you can add to a room that can elevate the space.

Here are 3 tried-and-true tips to make any room in any home feel more luxe.

Hand Knotted Rugs

There are items in a home that we believe should always be investment pieces. For us, one of those pieces is always the rug. The right rug can completely transform a space from closed-in and unwelcoming to open and inviting — a rug can elevate a space instantly.

But not any rug is going to give a space the hard-to-capture feeling of luxury. It’s important to find the right style, the right material, the right construction, and the right size rug for your space. No matter the size of your room, opt for a larger rug as it automatically makes a space feel bigger, more open, and high-end. 

Look for rugs made of high-quality materials and made by hand - we always recommend hand-knotted rugs as they are not only the highest quality, they are also exceptionally durable. Because they are handmade using the finest materials (and construction methods), these rugs are more durable than other options - including hand tufted or machine made rugs.

All of the rugs that are a part of the Meredith Heron Collection are hand-knotted at the highest level of craftsmanship.

Statement Lighting

While good lighting in a room adds so much in terms of livability, a strong statement lighting source can make a huge impact in a space. Whether you opt for a table lamp, wall sconces, floor lamp, or a ceiling fixture, your source of light can transform your space.

Think about larger lighting pieces that stand out in your space—a modern chandelier, an oversized standing lamp or even a unique sconce all offer a different variety of luxury that can be easily woven into any space.

Remember, different homes and spaces call for different lighting solutions. For example, a stately dining room is a perfect place for a luxurious chandelier in one home, where a chandelier would be the perfect fit for the entryway of another home.

Quality Drapery

If you are designing a bedroom, living room, or any space that needs drapery, you have a wonderful opportunity to add luxury to your space.

Textiles are a prime example of how what may be seen as ordinary can become extraordinary with a few simple tweaks. First off, you want to ensure that you hang the drapery as high as possible - they should go from the ceiling (or as close to it as possible) to the floor. This creates volume in the space and draws the eye up, giving the illusion of high ceilings, a staple in luxurious homes.

You can also go the custom route and have drapery designed for your space. Bespoke drapery add so much to a space - they fit perfectly, are designed to complement the space, and can be made of a high-quality fabric that makes a statement.

These small additions are a great place to start adding a little more luxe to your home. Our Meredith Heron Collection rugs are in stock and ready to ship — shop today.